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, Germany - In Mid- 1948 - Kaiserslautern, Germany - German Military incident. Shot away when fighter jet appeared. Kissimmee, Florida, USA - Vi junto con mis abuelos y mi hermana, un UFO muy grande, claro y nítido, como a 100 metros de nosotros y a una altura de 30 metros aproximadamente y estuvo estacionado como por 15 minutos. Kingsville, Texas, USA - Bedroom visition, possible holographic projection. We are looking for the best to join our team. King Ranch, Colorado, USA - In 1988 - Nellie Lewis's diary, with dates and sketches of sightings and humanoids wearing robes, emblem of triangle and snake, mysteriously disappears. The interior of the car was hugely revised too following heavy criticism of the original 1990 car which featured low quality plastics for its interior mouldings - the car now featured an all new dashboard arrangement of competitive quality. One object was observed by six witnesses. Temporary blinding beams of light. One ball was observed (Martin). Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, USA - Security Police, several landings reported, largest atomic arsenal Kirton, England, UK - Nocturnal lights were reported (Eccles). A total of 14,905 units were assembled in Israel, including 105 Escort 400 vans. 21 "Ford Escort RS1800, 1977 MY". Kirkland, Washington, USA - Nocturnal lights were reported. Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA - looking into the sky and seen a white light that flashed three times but moving very very fast and disapeared. Kirkland, Washington, USA - On Thursday night, December 3, 1998, I was driving alone toward my home Kirkland, Washington, USA - Object seen with trailing wingtip angled over car at 200 mph and 100-200 feet altitude.

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Witness thinks it was a UFO. Knin, Shibenik-Knin, Croatia - At 3:31 am large shiny object was spoted levitating about 10 min on the skyline. IT'S wings were ON fire. Kansas City, Kansas, USA - An aircraft-like object was observed. Kansas City, Missouri, USA - One object was observed for five minutes (Clark). Kettering, Ohio, USA - A mysterious object, later identified as a conventional phenomenon, was reported (Delinger). Kansas City, Missouri, USA - More than one object was observed by a male witness. In 1996, just before being redesigned to match the European Mark VI, Brazilian production came to a halt and Argentina became the sole Escort manufacturer in South America. Collins was aboard his yacht when. King Country, New Zealand - UFO sighting, Whareorino Hut, central north Island, New Zealand. Kansas City, Missouri, USA - Black, triangular object sighted during middle of day in large metro area. Kansas City, Kansas, USA - Man reports seeing multiple, "see through" objects racing around sky. Production of the Twin Cam, which was originally produced at Halewood, was phased out as the Cosworth -engined RS1600 (RS denoting Rallye Sport ) production began. Kokomo, Indiana, USA - An object was observed. Several reports of flaming object that maneuvered, not aircraft. More than five objects were observed by one male 62-year-old witness for over 15 minutes (Logan). Key West NAS, Florida, USA - In late July 1955 - An object was observed from a car. Kingston, Minnesota, USA - Nocturnal lights were reported. Kirton Lindsey, UK - I observed a dark green, disk shaped object, with a bead of light around it, which I could not give a rational explanation. PD) (nuforc Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. Kuivakangas, Finland - An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. I got a great deal on a used 2005 Pontiac Sunfire. Aliranta and neck, were working in the woods when. Three days later came again. Keremma, France - Kerens, Texas, USA - while facing E/NE saw a red ball just at the horizon. Knoxville, Tennessee, USA - Humanoid being seen. One cigar-shaped object was observed. 3' tall beings in shiny suits, had large, round baldheads, dark slant eyes, thin lips, no nose, pallid skin. Size of 2 or 3 football fields. Kenton, Michigan, USA - I was 9 years old going up a hill to a friends house and as I was going up the hill my angle was up toward the sky and seen. Nocturnal lights were reported (McCarthy). Kansas City, Missouri, USA - Triangle Flyover Surprise. Kings Mountain, North Carolina, USA - Diamond shaped object over Kings Mountain Kings Mountain, North Carolina, USA - Up in the hills of Kings Mountain. Kosice, Slovakia - A witness reported being taken inside an object together with her k maras ford escort lokale sexualstraftater nh friend her cat. I was trying to determine if it could be a star or an airplane, but the light was way too bright. Kunnamurra, Western Australia, Australia - In September 1986 - One round object was observed on a road for 30 minutes. Klein-Reifling, Austria - Compass deflection case: compass spun wildly, other electromagnetic effects: motorcycle died. "Flaming plane with a loud roaring sound" plunged into Lake Meridian, explosion heard. One object was observed by one female witness (Harris).

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  1. Kent, Washington, USA - Two discs hover over high-tension power lines.

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